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StorSimple 1200 testing.

In my previous blog post I installed a StorSimple 1200 Virtual Appliance in my on premise test lab.

I build the StorSimple Device Manager in Azure Resource Manager.


It seems Storsimple is not quite ready in Azure Resource Manager due to various limitations.

I found the Cmd-Lets for the StorSimple Device Manager where not ported to AzureRM, also basic functions like resizing and custom backup retention is not yet available.

See StorSimple feedback here:



I have generated 942GB of unique data and uploaded this data to my fileshare.

Below screenshots illustrates the disk utilization on the file server and the virtual appliance hard disk.


Usage in Azure Storage Account

723GB of 942GB has been moved to Azure Storage Account



Usage on file server

On the file server and network shares all 942GB is available.



Usage on Virtual Appliance in Hyper-V server

on the Virtual Appliance in Hyper-V the disk only takes up 277 GB





All 942GB of data is unique.  No data deduplication was used in this test.



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