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Configuring Azure Site Recovery on premises Hyper-V

In this blog post I will configure Azure Site Recovery and configure a single on-premise Hyper-V host to replicated its Virtual Machines to Azure.

I have already created an Azure Recovery Vault and a site-to-site VPN between my Hyper-V Network and Azure.

Although VPN is not needed for Site Replication, it is neccesary to be able to reach the recovery site in the situation where Failover is used.


Create “Recovery Services Vault”.


Select “Site Recovery” in Azure Recovery Vault.


Prepare Infrastructure.


Select “Hyper-V Server” (for a single hyper-v host)  *Nano Server is not supported


Download and Install the Azure Site Recovery Provider on the Hyper-V Host  (Core or GUI).




Head back to Azure Portal to Download the Vault Registration Key.

Configure the Azure Site Recovery Provider with the Registration Key.


Configure Proxy Settings.



Verify Hyper-V host has registered in Azure Recovery Services Vault.


Configure target storage account and network.


Configure Replication Policies.





Select “Replicate Application”


Configure post replication ressource group, deployment model, storage account and network.


Select virtual machines running on the registered Hyper-V host.


Select the desired Replication Policy.


Enable Replication.


Verify and monitor replication status in Azure Recovery Services Vault.


Verify and monitor replication status in Hyper-V



In my next blog post I will perform a planned failover to the Azure Recovery Site.

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