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Monitoring an external WordPress with Microsoft Application Insight


Who thought analyzing log data could be fun?

I am really exited about what I have learned about Microsoft Application Insight.
Before writing this blog I thought We where only able to use Application Insight on Computers, Web Apps, Virtual Networks Storage etc. Hosted in Azure.. So I was thrilled to see that Application Insight can be used in other hosting scenarios as well.

In this post I will configure Application Insight on this WordPress Site.
My WordPress is hosted at

The objective is to gather web traffic insight and to analyze the behavior of my blog visitors.

First thing I need to do is install and activate the Application Insight WordPress Plugin

Next Go To to create an Application Insight Ressource and to retrieve the “Instrumentation Key”

Head back to WordPress and insert the Instrumentation Key

After a while You should start seeing log data in Azure (Application Insight)

If you want to gain a deeper insight and the ability to create your own queries – You should head over to by pressing the “Analytics” button in Azure (Application Insight)

I used the 10 minute tutorial to learn how to create my own queries and filters.



I hope You find this interesting.  Thank You for reading my blog.


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